Selling Your Home

Below entails a brief description of the process of selling your home.

  1. Discuss your financial with your mortgage specialist and determine whether there will be a penalty when you sell your home.
  2. Contact a REALTOR® that is the right fit for you.
  3. Clean, repair any deficiencies, paint if needed, depersonalized, and DECLUTTER.
  4. Stage your Home. This will help Buyers envision how the space should be used. Staging does not have to be done professionally, and your REALTOR® can often provide great tips on how to make your home look more presentable and appealing.
  5. Pre-Inspection Report (Optional). It is always a good idea to get a pre-inspection report prior to listing your home so you know the condition of your property and this will help prevent Buyers from walking away from a transaction due to any surprises.
  6. Provide access for photographer, videographer, floor plan generator, oil tank scan (if applicable), and home inspector (mentioned above).
  7. Order Strata Documents (if applicable) that will be required by a Buyer for your Home.
  8. List the home.
  9. Keep the home presentable to showcase the property to potential buyers during open houses and private viewings.
  10. When an offer comes in, you negotiate favourable terms, price, and dates. Once it is accepted, the Buyer will have a short time period to line up their financing, get an inspection, and read the strata documents.
  11. Showings will continue while the home is under a conditional contract.
  12. Once the conditions are fulfilled, then you have a firm offer with a deposit.
  13. A few days before the Completion Date (day when Title ownership transfers), your lawyer/notary will set a time for you to sign some paperwork to transfer title.
  14. Possession day is when the Buyers take vacant possession of the home. The home should be clean and clear of personal belongings and debris. Remember to forward all mail to your new address and cancel utilities, insurance, and contracts of service providers.
  15. Provide the keys to your REALTOR® to be given to the new owner.