Make Your Property Appealing to More Buyers

Sellers can improve their chances of a successful sale by being conscious of several factors that they have control over:


Showcase Your Home

Purchasing a home is an emotional process for many Buyers. Make sure to:

  • Show pride in your home! First impressions count. It can be difficult for some Buyers to “see past the mess”. Keep your home in a condition to show to Buyers on short notice. This includes reducing clutter, removing items off the floor and counter tops, and keep young your home clean.
  • Be flexible towards showcasing your home during the day and in the evening. All it takes is one Buyer and one positive impression to sell your home. And you don’t want to miss that opportunity.


Price it Right

It’s tempting to price your home aggressively high at the start, so that there is “room to negotiate down”, but keep in mind that this:

  • Excludes potential Buyers that are searching in a lower price range.
  • Can slow down marketing efforts.
  • Makes competing homes, that are priced right, look more attractive
  • Increases the chances of no offers, and eventually, a listing that goes stale.


Be Flexible

Not all Real Estate transactions are the same, and understanding the need to be flexible can be a crucial part of contributing towards a successful sale:

  • The Real Estate Market is dynamic, and ever-changing. Being proactive and adapting to what the Market is currently doing, and not what it was doing.
  • Key to every successful sale is negotiating smartly and strategically including having flexibility with dates, terms, and conditions of the sale contract.